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Posture and Alignment Functional Performance Training (PA-FPT) is a customized conditioning program offered as private or semi-private training sessions. PA-FPT has been developed to address the high frequency of injuries and limited results gained from typical personal training. Most individuals want to develop increased fitness, feel better, look better and perform better. Many fitness regimens rely on hype and trends to attract participants who frequently become disenfranchised, injured or frustrated with lack of results.

We have found that performing traditional aerobic or strengthening exercise in the presence of postural dysfunction may result in a general increase in strength and flexibility but, sustainable long-lasting gains in pain-free strong and flexible performance remain elusive.

Posture and Alignment Functional Performance Trainers are skilled in the restoration of normal range of motion and postural exercises necessary to develop strength and flexibility upon a sound, solid foundation.

Please contact us for your free self-assessment and more information to determine if you feel PA-FPT can help you meet your fitness and performance goals.

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